You may play the game here.


The BAYC's founder, Curtis, inherited the land that the club sits on years ago. And when the idea came to him to create a secret club for apes, the little plot in the swamp made sense. On the grounds was a crumbling shed (now repurposed into the outhouse), where some old fishing gear, tools, and mostly junk was stored. But amid all the scrap was something else: THE MUTANT APE. A busted arcade machine.

When Curtis plugged it in, the screen just snowed white. But he decided to set it up in the back of the bar anyway, and post an "Out of Order" sign for the moment. He'd get to fixing it.

It’s a strange machine, and kind of a piece of shit. Some kind of prototype from an arcade company that went south long ago. Curtis gave up quickly on the idea of trying to source any kind official parts for it, but was able to make some headway by rigging the internals with items from behind the bar. Slowly but surely the fuzz on the screen cleared, and, a tingle ran down Curtis’ spine.

That looks just like me.

Jimmy the Monkey must have been fucking with the machine this whole time. That was the only explanation. The monkey had somehow figured out how to make Curtis into the protagonist of this game taking place in a BAYC-inspired sewer-world. “MAYC”, that’s what the life preserver in this underground bar said. It was like looking into a house of mirrors.

You had to hand it to Jimmy. The monkey had a strange way of getting his kicks.

Curtis played the game through, of course. It took him twenty fucking tries to just get to the second stage. You had to fight your way to the surface. There’s only one way out of the MAYC, it seemed, and it’s guarded by an ape heavily roided out on toxic waste.

After beating The Mutant Ape on the final stage, there was a prompt to input his wallet address. Another fucking POAP.

Great. Thanks Jimmy.

That night, Curtis hardly slept. He'd had a few beers, sure, but he swore he heard something going on in the basement. The clinking of glass and the turning of gears. It was probably just his imagination.

The text and the arcade game are taken from the official website of the Boredapeyachtclub